Bom again at Hotel JW Marriott jakarta

This morning when I was on the way to office I saw at yahoo that Suicide blasts at Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Jakarta, I was so surprised, I said to my self, again? at JW Marriott? very sad, how can be? so much questions in my head, but I feel so sad.
I don't know what must I say, I was disappointed to whom did it.

This picture I got from my friends


Article Info

Life is choice, I always hear many people said that, I'm agree too, if we want our life better, so we must learn how to get it, if we don't we should accept what we get now, do not complain. Learn is most important, every day we learn, I mean we should learn, because every day have a new thing that we never know, like today I know one interest site, this is Article Site. I have read many hours in this site, very interested, I can know many thing in here, it mean I can learn many thing too, increase my knowledge.
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Oh My God

When we see that what will we say? I think I only can say : Oh My God.


The Best Island

Today is the first day of June, have a planing go to travel? I have many friends who has a kids, they always go to traveling in June, because holiday at school. Some times we are confused to choose the place that we want to go, we should think that place will be fun for children and good for us, but most important is the budged is not too high ;)
I just see an interest place in Hilton Head Island, the place that we can relax on one of our beautiful beaches, we can play on one of our world famous golf courses or as a women we can shop and dine at several of our unique shopping centers and restaurants, we also can try a different restaurant every night they are here for years to come.
Hilton Head is the best place for our family, a dream come true for the children, we safe to do our activities offered all in here and teach our children a new sport or hobby. For my personal this is the beautiful place, wish some day be there, for all my friends or who read this site, my suggest is take a few minutes to look around on this site and see what Hilton Head vacation rentals have, I think you will interest too.



Every country have their unique, maybe we never saw it in our country, but we should know it was happened at out side, in this world.

Only in China

Only in Pakistan

Only in Africa

Only in Alaska

Only in Thailand

Only in India

Only in Brazil

After see all of that, do you have any comment?


Web Articles

Learn, this is we should do from child until now and later, we should learn every thing even we have known, I mean for the good thing, like me, every day use Internet to do my job or write some blog at there, but until know I still learning. Today I have know an useful site, I think I should tell to every one, so we can learn from there.
This site about submit articles directory, they have tutorials from thousands of resources and web archives dating back to 1997, that mean we get access to exactly what we need, from thousand of articles not found elsewhere on the Internet. All these being said, any time if we want to find qualified information we will find it at web articles directory.
Do you know why we should submit articles at there? The articles directory proposes to be a useful resource of information, providing articles and tutorials about general interest life issues, they have many categories in here, so if we want to submit article we better have an unique content, no part of it already published elsewhere on the Internet. Like my blog, as a travel blog I learn more information about rental and vacation, the specific and the newest articles and tutorials are shown first in the list, really useful. If you want know more about the web articles information, come and join me in here.


Happy Wesak Day

Tomorrow is the Wesak Day, let's we reminder again about the Enlightenment, what the meaning of that, and how we can get that. I get this story from Bhikkhu Samahita (Sri Lanka).

At this Fullmoon Da y do all Buddhas Awaken:
2009 Ma y 8 Wesak Da y celebrates the birth, Enlightenment and passing away of the Buddha Gotama. Keep Clean, Calm, Clever, Kind, Generous, and Gentle.

At this Ma y full moon in y ear 534 BC the Blessed Buddha awakened by completely perfect and utterly unsurpassable self-Enlightenment.
At that time a girl named Sujata Senani lived in Uruvela. When adult, she pray at before a certain Banyan tree, that she might get a good husband equal to herself in caste & that her firstborn ma y be a son. Her prayer was successful, since so indeed did it happen. At the full
moon da y of the Wesak month, she rose at earl y dawn & milked the cows. As soon as new buckets were placed under the cows, the milk poured in streams spontaneously all by it self. Seeing this miracle, she knew something special was going on. Now at that very night the Future Buddha had 5 dr eams that made him conclude: Surely, truly, without any doubt, today is the very day , I will reach Enlightenment.
His 5 colored radiance illuminated the whole tree. Then Sujata came and offered the cooked milk rice in the hands of the Great Being.

After that a grass-cutter came going with a bundle of grass just harvested from nearby . He offered the Great Being 8 handfuls of Kusa grass, when he saw that this Sage was a Holy Man. The Future Buddha accepted the grass & proceeded to the foot of the Bo-tree.
Reaching the imperturbable Eastern side, where all the Buddhas take their seat, he sat down sa y ing to himself. This is verily the immovable spot, where all the prior supreme Buddhas have planted themselves,
This is the very place for destroying this net of desire. Then the Future Buddha turned his back to the trunk and thus faced east.
Right there, he then resolutely settled on this mighty decision:

Let just blood & flesh of this body dry up & let skin and sinews fall from the bones. I will not leave this seat before having attained the absolute supreme Enlightenment!

So determined did he seat himself in this unconquerable seat, which not a 100 strikes of lightning could make him waver from. At this very moment the rebel deity Mara -the Evil One- raised exclaiming: Prince Siddhattha will pass beyond my power, but I will never allow it, and sounding the Mara's war shout, he raised his army & went out for battle. Then Mara said to his evil militia: This Sakyamuni, son of Suddhodana, is far greater than any other man, so we will never succeed to fight him up front. We will thus have to attack him from behind. Frustrated, being unable even to touch the Wielder of power with 9 mighty hurricanes of wind, rain,
rocks, weapons, red coals, hot ashes, sand, mud, and darkness Mara somewhat in panic commanded his army : Why do you all stand still?

Seize, kill & drive away this prince. Mara yelled: Siddhattha, leave this seat. It is not yours, but mine. Hearing this the Well-gone One replied: Mara, neither have you fulfilled the 10 perfections to the third degree nor have you given the 5 great donations. Neither have you striven for insight, nor for the welfare of all the world, nor for enlightenment. Therefore does this seat not belong to you, but truly indeed onl y to me. Suddenl y overpowered by fear Mara's followers fled helter-skelter in all directions. Not two went the same way , but leaving their weapons in a chaos all behind, the y all fled terrified by metaphysical panic. Seeing them flee, the great assembly of deities triumphantly shouted: Mara is defeated. Prince Siddhattha has Won.
Let us celebrate this trul y sublime, wonderful and unique Victory. It was before the sun had set that the Tathagata thus conquered Mara & defeated his army . That same night, after having bathed, while the Bo tree rained red sprigs on his robe, the Consummate One
gained knowledge of his prior lives in the first watch of the night: With the mind thus concentrated, purified, bright, fixed, unified, focused, tractable, compliant, steady & imperturbable, I directed it to remembrance of my past lives. I recollected many past lives, i.e.,
one birth, two...five, ten...fift y , a hundred, a thousand, 100 thousand, many eons of cosmic contraction, & many eons of cosmic expansion:
There I had such a name, belonged to such a clan & species, had such a body .
Such was my food, such my life of pleasure & pain, such was the end of m y life.
Passing away from that state, I re-arose there.
There I had such name, belonged to such a sort & famil y , had such a form.
Such was my food, such my experience of pleasure & pain, such was the end of m y life.
Passing awa y from that state, I re-arose here.
Thus I remembered my various past lives in all their various modes & manifold details.
This was the first knowledge I attained in the first watch of the night. Ignorance was destro y ed; the knowledge arose; darkness was destroyed; light arose as happens in one who is alert, aware, & determined. But the pleasant feeling that arose in this way did not invade my mind or remain. With the mind thus concentrated, purified, bright, intact, pliant, malleable, steady and imperturbable, I directed it to the knowledge of the passing away & reappearance of beings. I saw by means of the divine e ye, purified & surpassing the human eye & I saw beings passing away & re-appearing, and I realized how and why they are high and low, beautiful or ugly , fortunate and unfortunate all in exact accordance with the intentions of their prior actions: These beings who were endowed with bad behaviour of body, speech, & mind, who reviled the Noble Ones, held wrong views & acted under the influence of wrong views, with the break-up of the body, after death, have re-appeared in the plane of misery , the bad painful destination, the lower realms, even in hell. But these beings who were gifted with good behaviour of body,speech & mind, who did not revile the Noble Ones, who held right views and acted under the influence
of right views after the break-up of the body , after the death, have re-appeared in happy destinations, even in a divine world.
Thus by means of the divine eye, purified & surpassing the human I saw beings passing away & re-appearing, all in accordance with their particular mixture of good & bad kamma. But the satisfaction that arose in this wa y did not invade m y mind nor remain. With the mind
thus concentrated, absorbed, I directed it towards understanding the ending of the mental fermentations. I realized how it actually comes to be, that:

Such is Suffering...
Such is the Cause of Suffering...
Such is the End of Suffering...
Such is the Way to End Suffering...

Such was the mental fermentations...
Such is the Cause of mental fermentation...
Such is the End of mental fermentation...
Such is the Wa y leading to the end of fermentation.

When my mind saw that, it was instantly freed of the fermentation of sense-desire, it was released from the fermentation of becoming, and it became fully unobstructed by the fermentation of ignorance.
Full y & perfectl y Enlightened - The Buddha - perceiving this immense glory, spoke these 2 solemn verses, which never has been omitted by any of countless thousands of prior Buddhas:

Through this round of countless existences have I searched, but yet failed to find "the Creator", who framed this construction: What a Suffering is indeed such Endless Birth, Ageing, Deca y & Death!
Now I see that "the Constructor" of this structure is Craving...!!!
Never shall this construction be build again, as all the rafters are shattered and the main beam is busted & broken...
At this calming of all Craving, the mind was finally , irreversibly & ultimately stilled…
Then, friends, this revelation of certaint y arose in me: This release is immutable, this is the very last birth, this endless re-appearance has finally ceased...


Life Solution

Last few week we always hear about the new virus, H1N1 from Mexico, every body worry, include me, I think in my country still have not met but the government have anticipated. I just read the world health officials stressed that the global spread of swine flu was still in its early stages and a pandemic could be declared in the days to come. Experts inside Mexico's swine flu crisis center warned that the virus remained active throughout Mexico and could bounce back once millions return to work and school, this is very serious.
Day by day we meet the new thing, the new problem, new disease, new accident, we can know when it will happened. In our life the most important is our healthy, we can not buy for it, even you are a rich person, this is useless if you are getting sick. Thinking all about that we should have something to protect our life, life insurance is the solution, with life insurance we will get around when we are older, they have the right policy can be a helpful financial tool for anyone who’s earning a wage.
In USA life insurance we can find the difference way to protect our life and our family from the US National Debt, like saving and buying a million dollar and using life insurance to increase our family net worth also securing our children's financial future, I just read in here about Congress approves $3.44 trillion budget resolution, this is very interesting news. The concepts under life insurance like National Debt Clock Adds a Digit to Accommodate Growing Deficit, In these uncertain financial times, one thing remains certain, the ever expanding national debt, but it’s growing at such an accelerated rate, the clock that has kept track of the deficit since 1989 has had to add a digit.
In this site I will know every thing, I think I will suggest to my friends to know about USA life insurance, they can compare with the other and they will get the benefit from here.


Swine Flu Hits Mexico

I just read the news from Yahoo, about Swine Flu in Mexico, we can see some pictures and condition at there.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday raised the pandemic swine flu alert level from phase 3 to 4, two levels below the declaration of a full pandemic. The elevated alert means there has been sustained human-to-human transmission of the new A/H1N1 swine flu virus and that scientists now believe government efforts should focus on slowing the spread of the virus rather than containing it at its source.

"We have taken a step in that direction, but a pandemic is not considered inevitable," said Keiji Fukuda, the WHO's interim director-general for health, safety and environment. "The situation is fluid and continues to evolve."

Hoping for Help
Lazaro Gonzalez, 40, wears a protective mask as he waits for passersby to donate money to him. Health experts said the virus comes from the same strain that causes seasonal outbreaks in humans. But they claim this newly-detected version contains genetic material from versions of flu which usually affect pigs and birds.

In Sickness and In Health
Erika Cruz, left, helps her husband Miguel Anguel Esquivel walk toward the emergency entrance of Mexico City's National Institute of Respiratory Illnesses. Esquivel was grunting, sweating and wearing tissue paper in his ears as the couple hurried to the hospital with him showing symptoms of the influenza virus that has plagued the city.

Taking Cover
A soldier hands out masks in central Mexico City. The E.U.'s health commissioner urged Europeans on Monday to postpone non-essential travel to Mexico and the U.S. The illness has claimed at least 152 lives, confined hundreds to hospital and brought Mexico City, one of the world's largest cities, to a virtual standstill.

The Mask of Mexico
A Mexican policeman patrols Mexico City's historic Zocalo square. José Ángel Córdova, the Mexican health secretary, said suspected swine flu cases in his country had risen to 1,614.

Quick Embrace
A couple attempts to kiss. Across Mexico more than 1,300 people were tested for suspected swine flu infection and 400 were taken to hospital for checks. Health officials believe that tens of thousands, and possibly more, have been infected but have since recovered.

Fears of a Clown
A clown wears a surgical mask as a precaution against infection. "[We are] monitoring, minute by minute, the evolution of this problem across the whole country," said the Mexican president, Felipe Calderón. The World Bank approved $205m in loans Sunday to fight the outbreak in Mexico.

Praying for Better Times
People wearing protective masks pay respects to Our Lady of Guadalupe as they passed Guadalupe's shrine at the Basilica de Guadalupe. Mexico's biggest Catholic church was shut down and masses canceled as a precaution to keep large crowds away. Many public buildings, including schools, have also been closed.


Amazing Plant

Beautiful Sunday, with my friends from monastery, we went to the garden, this garden belong to our Monk, he is from Thailand, but he was here around ten years ago, so he can speak Indonesian. If we have time at sunday after we hear Dharma from him, we will go to his Garden. This place is not far from the town, there is so quiet, I like that situation, we can relax and get the sauna at there. This sauna who made by our monk, with spices and seasoning make our skin healthy, he said also can curative many kind of ilness, all of that we can get it free. I like look around at there, many specied of plant, like this one, you can see at this picture.

Do you know what kind of this plant?
Is this the kind of fruit?

Ever seen before?
share with me in here.


Most Beautiful Women

Every one love see the beautiful things, as a women I like to know who is the most beautiful women, we can see how they life. Usually I like see their fashion, or their make up, so we can learn how we should do it with our self, make us more beauty and confidence. I just read at Internet that Angelina Jolie Replaces Aishwarya Rai as Most Beautiful Woman.

This is Entertainment time.
Harpers & Queen released a list of today’s 50 most beautiful women. And Angelina Jolie is voted the most beautiful woman on earth now. Earlier in March, Angelina Jolie had been named the world’s sexiest woman in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005 poll was voted for by more than 15 million in 27 countries.

Here is the top 10 of the list
1: Angelina Jolie;
2: Christy Turlington
3: Queen Rania of Jordan
4: Sofia Coppola
5: Nigella Lawson
6: Uma Thurman
7: Emmanuelle Béart
8: Kate Moss
9: Aishwarya Rai
10: Princess Charlotte of Monaco

The full list is available here.

“Aishwarya Rai, former Miss World, who was also proclaimed by the world press as the most beautiful woman in the world, has been relegated to number nine in the list.”

“Possibly Aishwarya Rai realises the truth of all this. From number one beauty, she has slipped to number nine in the assessment, possibly only because of the new style trends and new ways of assessing the fairest of all.” reports Hindustan Times UK


Discovered II

6) Frilled Lizard

The frilled lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingi) is a yellowish-brown australian lizard has got a large frill of skin to the sides of the neck and throat. It is about 90 cm/35 in long, and when is angry or alarmed, it erects its frill, which may be as much as 25cm/10 in in diameter, thus giving itself the appearance of being larger than it really is. Frilled lizards are generally tree-living but may spend some time on the ground, where they run with their forelimbs in the air.

7) Giant leaf-tailed Gecko

The Giant leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus fimbriatus) is endemic to Madagascar and the islands Nosy Bohara and Nosy Mangabe. These geckos live in tropical rain forests and reach a total length of 330 mm. A large nocturnal gecko, by day it plasters it self to a small tree trunk and rests head down. If disturbed it will raise it tail and head, open its mouth and scream... and call his mom

8) Kervoula Kachinensis

Another of the species found in one of the world's last scientifically unexplored regions, Asia's Greater Mekong, the Kerivoula Kachinensis is one of the most disturbing bats ever found.

9) Desert Mole Rat

The Desert Mole Rat (Heterocephalus glaber) is a burrowing rodent native to parts of East Africa notable for its eusocial lifestyle, nearly unique among mammals, and for a highly unusual set of physical traits that enables it to thrive in a harsh, underground environment, including a lack of pain sensation in its skin, and a nearly cold-blooded metabolism. Plus, it is horrible.

10) Puss Caterpillar

The puss caterpillar is the most poisonous caterpillar in the United States. Its poison is hidden in hollow spines among its hairs. This hairy caterpillar is found in the southern states, ranging west through most of Texas and north to Maryland and Missouri. It feeds on shade trees such as elm, oak, and sycamore. Puss caterpillars vary in size from 1.2 in.(32 mm) to 1.4 in.(36 mm).


Travel Guide

This morning when I check my email, I am so happy, many email from my friends who we met at our reunion last Saturday, I just thinking that reunion very useful to maintain our friendship, which was lost contact long time ago when we have passed through our high school. They send many picture when we were traveling, nice place and nice picture, many of them like travel too, one of them send me when he was at France, I was interest because I never been there, but I have planning.
Every time when I want go to travel I should prepare every thing early, I don't want waste my time at there to find place to stay, actually is easy, we can find it at Agen properties for rent or self catering French cottages . In here we can see how the room is it, what the facility we will get, and how much the price that we can suit with our budget, if we planning go with a group we can find the big one like at this picture, nice is it?
If we need the guide, find it at Agen Travel Information, we don't need confused to find the famous place at there, maybe I can call this is my travel guide, so if we have a guide we will save and easy to travel in the place we choose like France that I have planning to go.


Discovered I

Gumprecht's Green Pit Viper
This striking bright green snake, commonly known as Gumprecht's Pit Viper, is found in the southeastregion of Greater Mekong.
The serpent, which has the formal name Thremeresurus gumprechti, was first described by scientists in 2002,although he doesn't look like he appreciates having been discovered.

In 2002, the snakefish (or Channidae) was described as "something from a bad horror movie" by US Interior Secretary Gale Norton. Some describe snakefish as having "a voracious appetite, often consuming all other fish in a lake or pond and even eating its young.
It can slither across land, staying out of water for up to three days, to find new sources of food." Norton also warns that once on land "snakeheads can eat almost any small animal in its path….
They have even attacked people in China who got too close to snakeheads' egg nesting areas." According to Wikipedia, snakefish can be up to over a metre in length and over 6 kilograms in weight. Most snakefish are 2-3 feet long.
They're also fast reproducers with no natural enemies outside of their native environments. Within their native environments, small snakefish are preyed upon by bigger fish, while full-grown snakefish are consumed by crocodiles and alligators. Because of their ability to move into new habitats and wipe out local ecosystems (and to then hop out of the water and mosey on over to another body of water and repeat the process) snakefish have been prohibited in 13 American states and other countries (e.g., Australia).

3) Giant Isopod

This Predator look-alike is a Giant Isopod (Bathynomus giganteus), a carnivorous crustacean that spends its time scavenging the deep ocean floor, up to 6,000ft down on the seabed where there is no light. In the pitch black and cold, they survive by feasting on dead and decaying fish and other marine animals. >

4) Aye-aye

Considered by locals as a harbinger of misfortune, the Aye-aye is one of the world's most rare and bizarre looking primates. To the Malagasy people, the aye-aye is magical, and believed to bring death to the village it appears in; therefore they're often killed on sight.
The aye-aye is the world's largest nocturnal primate with an average head and body length of 16 inches (40 centimeters), a long bushy tail of 2 feet (61 centimeters) long, and weighs about 4 pounds (2 kilos).
The Aye-aye has large beady eyes, black hair, and large spoon-shaped ears. It has 5-fingered hands with flat nails, with a middle finger up to 3 times the length of the others.

5) Star-nosed Mole

One of the most intriguing stars in the universe is right here on Earth: the eleven pairs of pink fleshy appendages ringing the snout of the star-nosed mole (Condylura cristata). From its appearance and location, one would think this star might be a supersensitive olfactory organ, helping the nearly blind mole negotiate its subterranean environment, or an extra hand for grasping prey or manipulating objects. Some researchers have hypothesized that the star detects electric fields, thus acting as a kind of antenna. But in reality, the star is an extraordinary touch organ with more than 25,000 minute sensory receptors, called Eimer's organs, with which this hamster-sized mole feels its way around.

Retirement Living

Last Saturday our school have reunion, this is grand reunion, not only same grade but who ever learn at this school every one may come and the teacher too. This is the third time; we celebrate this grand reunion every 5 years. Last time at 2005, I have been there too, met with old friends, talk about our memory when in high school, this is very excited time. At this time I saw some friends was changes become older, saw our teacher I feel pity because they already retired and seems like no spirit and no efficiency, so I only think in my mind, some day if I was retired already I wish I am not became like that.

Actually in here I want share about retired, every one become retired, after we work by tens year, we should be retired, for my personal thinking, I want retired as soon as possible, not because my age, but because my financial have support. I always dream if I already retired, I want live in the nice place, have friends around me, and have activity that will make me healthy. Every people like that life in our future, but do you know how we can get it? I just read Retirement site, the gateway to resources for senior living, maybe I feel I’m senior now so I am very interest, I should know how I will planning my retirement living.

This is useful site, retirement living information centre, we can join the communities, just sign up and we can get many friends in here. Every one retired wants live at the nice place, in here we can find the best retirement destination, when we think about job, they have job for senior. We also can find bookstore, market place, home care, publication online, what else we want. Just find it in this site. That's why I said this is useful site. We should realize that every people became older, and we want the better life, not only depend to our children, they have their life too, so we should planning and prepare it from now.


Body painting II

Art is amazing thing that we can not boring to see it, many people have talented to paint at wall until at our body, but I am sure that I don't have brave if some body want to paint in my self, maybe the right is shame, even I realize this art.

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