Bom again at Hotel JW Marriott jakarta

This morning when I was on the way to office I saw at yahoo that Suicide blasts at Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Jakarta, I was so surprised, I said to my self, again? at JW Marriott? very sad, how can be? so much questions in my head, but I feel so sad.
I don't know what must I say, I was disappointed to whom did it.

This picture I got from my friends


Article Info

Life is choice, I always hear many people said that, I'm agree too, if we want our life better, so we must learn how to get it, if we don't we should accept what we get now, do not complain. Learn is most important, every day we learn, I mean we should learn, because every day have a new thing that we never know, like today I know one interest site, this is Article Site. I have read many hours in this site, very interested, I can know many thing in here, it mean I can learn many thing too, increase my knowledge.
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Oh My God

When we see that what will we say? I think I only can say : Oh My God.


The Best Island

Today is the first day of June, have a planing go to travel? I have many friends who has a kids, they always go to traveling in June, because holiday at school. Some times we are confused to choose the place that we want to go, we should think that place will be fun for children and good for us, but most important is the budged is not too high ;)
I just see an interest place in Hilton Head Island, the place that we can relax on one of our beautiful beaches, we can play on one of our world famous golf courses or as a women we can shop and dine at several of our unique shopping centers and restaurants, we also can try a different restaurant every night they are here for years to come.
Hilton Head is the best place for our family, a dream come true for the children, we safe to do our activities offered all in here and teach our children a new sport or hobby. For my personal this is the beautiful place, wish some day be there, for all my friends or who read this site, my suggest is take a few minutes to look around on this site and see what Hilton Head vacation rentals have, I think you will interest too.



Every country have their unique, maybe we never saw it in our country, but we should know it was happened at out side, in this world.

Only in China

Only in Pakistan

Only in Africa

Only in Alaska

Only in Thailand

Only in India

Only in Brazil

After see all of that, do you have any comment?

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