Fish Fillet

This picture was printed by my company, but the design is from our customer, in here i don't want talk about job, but i want share about the food inside this picture, hhmmm.... feel hungry if i saw that, i like eat fish, every time if want i eat burger i will order fish burger or fish fillet.



Do you know the word HELLO means:

H=How are you?
E=Everything all right?
L=Like to hear from you
L=Love to see you soon!
O=Obviously, I miss you .....

so, HELLO to every body...


Attraction in China

This video i recorded when i was at China, i love travel, and one of my favorite country is China, there have many culture that i can see, and many place with a Wonderful view, also have a good taste of food, ha..haa.. maybe I'm chinese so i have that feeling :)


Miss Transvestite

She is the winner of Thailand's Miss Transvestite 2007 contest. She is beautiful... But this year will has a new winner, and of course the winner always beautiful ;)


Baby laugh

Do you like a child? I love them very much, saw their laugh feel so free, do not have any problem in their mind, their face, you can watch at this video, of course you can laugh too :)


Happy Valentine

~Happy Valentine Day~

To all my friends and people who read this post

Wish all that I am & all that I ever hope to be...

I pledge My Love Forever.


Friendship Like a Glass

To day i have received one picture, it's very cute, only have few words in there :
~Friendship is like a glass
handle it with care
because once broken cannot be mended
and even if mended....
a crack is always there !!!
Do you know what the meaning between poem and the picture?
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