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Christmas is coming, every one want buy new things, from daily use, like clothing, shoe, we want look more fresh, maybe change the style, cut the hair, until changes or buy the new car. We can see in every store, showroom or supermarket, so much people at there, I don't know what really they will buy, but in reality are they shopping many things.
My friend who has a showroom car, said in this month so many people come to his showroom, usually they want buy or changes the new one. I think it is a normal situation in last year, in my country if we have a long holiday, people will back to their hometown. They will need a transport to there, actually, they can by bus but some of them who have a big family or have a children they will choose use they own car, maybe more safety.
Talk about safety, I always remembers about insurance, if we have a vehicle, it is essential for us to obtain auto insurance before we hit the road. In fact, if we are not insured and we get behind the wheel of a car, we are breaking the law and we can face some very serious consequences, so we must purchase insurance coverage for our vehicle. I just see the site of Cheap Auto Insurance, there are many different types of auto insurance coverage plans that you can choose to obtain, and we only have to provide our information one time, they will give us an idea of how much you can expect to pay, interest? Just fill out the simple form now and you will safety in everywhere.


X-mas Wallpapers

I just get 2 peaces Christmas wallpapers, which one more interest? from the color and design?
The blue one

or the red one

I want to print in and make a personal card to give to all my friends

Travel Season

I have said in my last post that I have long holiday, tomorrow is the last day we work at this year, we start holiday from this Christmas, and back to work at the first week of 2009, so around 10 days.
Talk about holiday for me it mean time to traveling, I just read at my favorite site, every season is travel season, very suitable with me. As a traveler, do you know what the important thing we should have? Besides passport and money of course, Luggage is the other important thing, I must have the simple one, and usually I just carry on.
I Travel often, several times in a year, so I use the luggage with maximum durability, for commuters, I want luggage that is well organized and easy to access with specific gadget compartments and pockets. I also remember to get something lightweight. Therefore, I can suggest if you are the traveler like me, you should have the Luggage at here.


Maintain My Blog

This month is the last month of this year, of course we have more busy in office, so much job that I must finish it before Christmas. many factory or office only work until this 24 and start working again at 5 of January 2009, wow... long holiday, prepare go to travelling? I ask my self, actually I want, because it is my hobby, but still have not plan yet.
Today I just realized that I have not write some post in here when I got the message from the advertiser, that they can't accept my blog because in last three month I didn't have 20 post :(
Feel a little disappoint but the advertiser is true, I just count my post in last three month, only 12 post, and I realized that I should more frequently to write in my blog, even only the regular post, like sharing my feeling in here, I hope it don't mind. But I have some information that I saw in my email about :

"How to keep the visitor coming back to our blog?"

1) You could consider starting a forum, chat room or shout box.
Providing a forum, chat room or shout box, allows your visitors to have a voice where they can share their opinions and interact with their peers -- all of them visitors of your site.
Over time this develops into a sense of community and conversions will follow and your visitors will look forward to coming back to your site each and every day.
2) This probably goes without saying, but starting a blog can be a fantastic source for both new and recurring traffic.
Having your own blog is like keeping an online journal, and human beings are curious and thirsty for information. You need to keep your blog frequently updated with your latest news, both business and personal.
You will find that over time more and more people will come back to read your posts and with it you will develop credibility as an authority figure in your niche.
3) How about carrying out polls or surveys?
You will note that so far all the suggestions made have had some form of visitor interaction and conducting polls and surveys is no different. This is one that you should definitely consider adding to your site.
They are a quick way for visitors to voice their opinions and to get involved in your website. It is important that you publish the results of any polls or surveys so that you keep the interest of your visitors to come back and see the results.

I hope this simple information can help us to maintain our site.


Christmas Season

Christmas is coming, we can feel it with the situation around us, especially in side the Mall, many Christmas decoration. I don't waste this situation ( as a blogger ) so I took my mobile camera to shot it, even not too good but for me it's enough :)
I want share to every one who visite my blog and I will see the other too.

Hoteles en Espanol

Viajar es el tema más interesante para mí, tal vez usted puede ver en mi puesto, en su mayoría hablar de viajar. Mis amigos o mi familia siempre me pregunta si tienen planeado viajar a, siempre que disponga de viaje, también su hotel para permanecer allí. Porque yo siempre que me siento fáciles, sólo encontrar en Internet que puede reservar en línea, puede buscar uno que como nos gusta, la o las instalaciones situadas en la habitación del hotel.

Acabo de ver en mi página favorita sobre Barcelona Hoteles y atracciones turísticas, si queremos ir a España podemos permanecer en Madrid Hoteles como una puerta de entrada a este país, también podemos noche a la mañana Las Ramblas Hoteles, la mejor zona de allí. Disfrute del hotel de lujo con el precio más barato.
No te preocupes, podemos proporciona acceso a ofertas de última hora y antes reservado a los descuentos de esta ciudad, muy fácil, así que puedo decir es mi sitio favorito.
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