This morning when I switch on my laptop, I got off line message : My blog with page rank 2 now is 0, just some words but make me sad, I know how he feel now, because I have felt like that when my blog was drop last year. Sometimes this feeling make us cast down, lazy to make a new post, in this time we need some body support us, give us motivations.
But I don't know how to tell to him, I just say : Be patient, be a blogger like that, sometime our page rank can drop, but if you make post with good content, it will be up again (even I'm not sure).
I remember last two month ago I told him to get paid blog in some advertiser, I saw he was happy when he got many paid blogs and now I don't he will get it or not, but the most important that he has spirit to make more post, I wish.


The Easiest Way

Just chatting with my blogger friend who live different country with me, we like talk about how to be a good blogger, how we can make a good post, we support each other, I like this friendship. Today he ask me about Insurance, maybe he saw my blog that I talk about Insurance. He told me like that, so many Insurance now, not only from my country, everywhere we can find it, I said, yes it's really, so he ask" how can we know which one is the best? because he want find the best for his new car, even he has not a best car :)
Actually I don't have so much Insurance knowledge, I only read in their website, I learn from there, but I need to answer his question and I think I should give him my opinion, suggestion as a good friend.
Before all of that I said it is my suggestion, you must learn it by your self, I have a site about The Easiest Way to Find Cheap Car Insurance Rates. This is online Auto Insurance, they provide easier solution, only complete one set of questions, an instant rate comparison can be made from a variety of quality insuring companies with recognizable brands.
Not only that, we must clear about what we want and make a choice on important factors such as a low price, however, there are also important factors to consider such as coverage.
I think it's enough to explain, he is a smart guy, so he will know this is the really best site after he learn it, before I close my chatting room I reminder him to read the tips for Cheaper Auto Insurance Rates, there have the different discounts provided by the various insurance companies and thus ensure cheaper rates.
Now I think do I be a good friend? I hope so.

Hot News ?

Yesterday I was sick, boring lying on my bed, I switch on TV and I saw the news, first time I hear it I can't believe, I thought maybe I was sick so I didn't hear clearly, but after I saw the new completely, it's true.
If today I am a child, I can't believe it, maybe like the other children now when they know this news, they will ask, why can be like that, a big plane like US Airways can crashed into New York's Hudson River apparently after hitting a flock of birds following take-off ? Not logic for the children or maybe for the person who doesn't have knowledge.
Is it really a Hot News or only a Comedy News?


Mostly people like eat sea food, include cuttle fish or octopus? but ever seen this???

As your opinion what the name of this sea food?

It was happened last year in a city of my country, this city name Padang, west of Sumatera Island, a women who name Ita told that when she cooked the octopus, she has heard the voice like a baby crying, so long so lauded, because her neighbours didn't have any baby, so she found where the voice from, at last she knew from the place she cooked.
She take out the octopus and she scream, because the head of octopus look like the human head. Unbelievable !!!


Saving Money on Auto Insurance

My city has flood, I have told at my last post, now I am stay at home, because I don't how the situation at out side, so I phone many friends, same of them told me they have traffic jam on the way, of course it will happened, but many of my friends choose stay at home too, like me. But I have a friend who got a trouble with her car, after jam many hours the car suddenly stop, stuck, fail, can not move, I can not imagine if I be her in this situation.
At last the car must repair at car shed or workshop, it will be very expensive, because I just know that she doesn't have Insurance yet, I don't know how can it be, it this century still have people doesn't have Insurance even they have own car. I feel pity to her because she must pay much money to prepare her car, I think I should tell her about the Insurance that I have seen in Internet.

Insurance Quotes Online, for the people finding the lowest insurance quotes is quick and simple, by answer a few questions, we can get the best insurance quotes instantly, business, health, life and more by using online.
Everyone wants to save money, but the cost of living becomes more and more difficult to meet, here has three general tips to save the money :
1. Raise Your Auto Insurance Deductible
The most tried and true suggestion for reducing the costs of auto insurance is raising our deductible, some suggest keeping a separate savings account with your deductible amount in it, so that when the time comes, you will be ready.
2. Take Advantage of Safety Discounts
Auto insurance companies are all about risk, so if we can prove that we are a safe driver, we will find it easier to get a more affordable auto insurance rate.
3. Compare Auto Insurance Quotes
Every financial expert says comparing auto insurance quotes is by far the easiest and most efficient way to save money on auto insurance, they are not all the same, compare auto insurance quotes to find the cheapest auto insurance rates for our circumstance.

After I know this Insurance, I will tell my friend, I think she should be agree with me, and I hope next time if she get some trouble with her car, she will not so confused like now.

Time of My Life

I don't know I must happy because I have time to relax at home or I have to stay at home, this is the second day I was at home, from yesterday in my town was flood because raining all day, actually not in my place, but the way to my office was flood, it must difficult to pass by, my friends told me they got jam many hours at the way to office, so I decided to stay at home after I phone to my office, if they have a problem they can ask me.

Week up as I want, no need early like daily, eat breakfast while watching TV, read the magazine, Cosmopilitan, I like read this magazine, they always talk about the latest news, lifestyle, fashion. As a women I follower that news, style and beauty. I am reading The Best Red Carpet Beauty Looks with the stars absolutely kill it at the Golden Globes, our favorite hair and makeup looks of the night.

Angelina Jolie : a super-seductive look from Hollywood's sexiest leading lady.

Cameron Diaz : a stunning couture gown with slept-in, casual hair. The secret to this laid-back effect: When you curl your hair, start a few inches away from your roots and use a large iron.

Olivia Wilde : simple hairstyle drew even more attention to her stunning makeup. We particularly loved her subtle grayish-lavender smoky eyes. What sealed the deal was the touch of white highlighter in the inner corners, which really made her look luminous.

Eva Mendes
This sultry star loves wearing her hair in a bombshell updo. What makes this version of Eva's favorite style so sexy is a combination of the textured volume at the crown and her side-swept bangs

Still have many star but these are my favorite. Beauty and Sexy, I think every women like they style, but maybe not with their personal life.


How To Earn Money ?

How to earn the money? I think this is the interest topic, every people need money, my friends who live in a big town always say, when we week up and open our eyes, we will think about money, as a normal people. I am agree because I do, every morning when I week up I should think about my job, it mean how to earn money for my life.
In here I want talk about earn money from Internet, now is 20th century, every one use computer for their activity, like us as a blogger, we should need computer and Internet every day, so why we don't use this moment to earn the money in here? As a blogger, we can share together, like ever I done, if I have some problem about blog, computer, Internet line and others, I will ask my blogger friends, they always give me some solution.
Yesterday my blogger friend teach me how to earn money in our blog with sell some unique things, we can promotion in our blog, this is the good idea, but when he saw my post with paid review, he ask me how I can earn money from there, and where? I said it's easy, just sign up in Payingpost, you will start earn money from here. Actually this site not only for blogger, but also advertisers, they brings together to use market place built to allow blog advertisers target the exact kind of blogger to promote their products.
Let's we learn to know about this favorite site, if we are advertiser, we must know what is blog advertising? Blog Advertising enables to promote our products and services on blogs that are target to our niche; we have to post a review request so that bloggers can find us. Blog advertising is the newest promote what we sell and get higher in search engines. Almost everyone now understands just what a blog is, but not many people know what blog advertising happens to be.
If we are a blogger, we can get paid for blogging is a very easy way to begin make money blogging online, we don't need cost to get start, only a computer with Internet, like me now, but we need learn how to drive traffic to our site. A blog is similar to a website, after our blog up and running, we could use it to sell products. That's it. Most people think it is too hard, but it really is quite easy, we just have to be dedicated to the niche or subject that we choose, and try to write on your blog every day, people will not keep coming back if we don't add new, fresh content often. So try to get one post every day, even sometimes we got lazy, I know because I ever feel that, but getting paid for blogging is a wonderful way to earn money, come and join with me in here.


Dog-Size Deer Rediscovered in Sumatera

I always said we must proud be Indonesian people, last month I have posted Long-Lost Primate Rediscovered in Indonesia, today I have the other Rediscovered, this is from Sumatera Island.
In October last year a tiny dog-sized deer was catapulted in to the limelight, when anti-poaching conservationists released a photograph of the animal caught in a trap in Sumatera. The Sumateran Muntjac had not been photographed since 1930 so had almost completely been forgotten about by science. The mountain-dwelling deer is now on the global Red List of Threatened Species, so doubtful it will be neglected again.
Amazing is it? Ever see this animal?


Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!!

Today is the second day of 2009, how do you feel in this New Year? Feel different? Get the more spirit? I hope so, even we have crisis global in business, but this is life, sometimes happy, sometimes we have trouble, so face the future with smile :)
Yes, because this is the new year, maybe we better talk about the happiness, because I wish every body start the new year with the happiness, from the last day of last year until now I always get the nice greeting emails with the good meaning.

Dear friends
H ours of happy times with friends and family
A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love when you need it the most
Y outhful excitement at life's simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber (you know - don't worry be happy)
E verything you need
W ishing you love and light
Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A angels to watch over you
R embrances of a happy years
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