Life is short, this word i always hear from my friends who are busy every day, if i meet them, they always talk about how to enjoy our life, because they said life is so short so we must use this short time to enjoy it, i think they have their right, I'm agree too but not all, if they always think their own self and never think or care to the other people, I'm not agree.
I have my own opinion about enjoy, it's alright if we want enjoy but we must do the right thing too, even until now i can't do much to help people, i only done what could i done, i realized that only a few things, but i really enjoy too whenever i help others, so for me enjoy is depend to our self how to practice it.


New Place

I like go to the new place, like new mall, or new restaurant, new club or other paying place, i want go to there and see around, maybe i have much time in week end, and some my friends have same hobbies with me too, usually we have fun together, try some food in new restaurant, like in this picture, it's a lovely place, a new mall with the nice decoration, many people take photoes when pass in this place, me too :)
In this mall have the food court place in sky bridge, many food at there, i try thai food, tom yam noodle, i like tom-yam taste, hhmmmmm... do you want to try this? or interested coame to this Mall?


Did you smile Today?

"Smile" this is important for me, sometimes we think it's only a small thing, but i will be a big thing, can effect to many thing, people who looking at us will happy too if they saw our smile, believe it.
Every day i hope i can smile, i try to smile wherever I'm, when i have arrived at office, usually i met the security first, i will smile and ask him news, it's only a small thing but he will happy and feel we care about them.
If we smile we didn't loss anything, but people can feel every thing good news from us, this is only my opinion, but i think it's a good thing :)
"Smile and always Smile"


Email from Best Friend

One email i have received this morning, from my best friend, he didn't write anything, only many picture from oranges, but the meaning all of that is a friendship, like our friendship from high school until now, we have past the time together, with many problem, several years ago he move to other city, but he always sent email to me and said : keep and touch.
Even only email but can make our friendship long lasting, now i will share to every one who saw this picture at my blog, and hope can make friendship with them too.



All day i felt tired, maybe last night i back at home too late, and only slept a few hours, like i said before i have promised with my friends went to clubbing, we want try the new club, but when arrived at there, the band is not good, maybe the music they play not match with us, and the people who came to there to slow, i mean they only sit in their place, not dance in the floor :)
We only one hour at there, after we decided move to the other club, this is our favorite club, with the western band, i like saw the guys who play the band, they look nice and smart and handsome, and mostly the guest who at there seems so energetic, all of them dance together, so we do, me and my friends, and we don't realized it was to late when we back, but we are excited, i think not only us, every body if been that club will be excited too, because there have many sexy dancers, he..he...


My Friend : Mariana

Tomorrow is Saturday again, it mean week end again, last Sunday i have accompany my friend to the mall, her name is Mariana, she have aerobic class at there, so i ask the other friend go with us, because i think when i wait Mariana aerobic, i have a friend accompany me too :)
That is a big mall with many famous brand at there, she walk around and feel hungry, so we want find some food, but when we look around there was not an usual food, mostly are Western food with the high price, i mean expensive, he..he.., i said to my friend, this is the good mall with the good food and the good price, because we are so hungry at last we eat some bread with coffee, my friend order tea with milk, but the toast bread is very Delicious match with the price.
When Mariana finish with her aerobic we go to the cinema, there have a good movie, we decided to watch it, so all day we were at this mall with many experience, and when we were on the way Mariana asked again : next week end go to the new club and hang out together, hhmmm i think i will go with her because for a long time i didn't went to clubing, and i don't realized tomorrow is week end, i mean tomorrow we will hang out together,I hope we will have a wonderful week end and get same Miracles at there, i wish....



I like eat fruit especially orange, they have many vitamin that is good for our healthy, every morning after eat breakfast i will drink orange juice, but i can't drink if i have not eat some thing, i mean if my stomach empty, maybe i have gastric.
I also like apple, i usually eat apple at night if i feel hungry, because i always sleep over night, i was to lazy to cook some food, usually i just eat apple, i thought it will good for my healthy too.


Paintings on walls

Fantastic, this is the first word i said when i saw this picture, and i start to imagine, if my home can be paint like that, it will be so sweet, because i only have a small apartment, some times difficult to set up with another thing, like furniture, or more decoration, but if i used the painting on the wall, my apartment will be look larger, hhmmmmm, so nice.
I realized in my city it will be difficult to find the good painting like that, if have, it must be very expensive, but i really like see this picture, at least i have an inspiration for my apartment, may be some day can be true.


Cleanser for Skin

I have sensitive skin, even only for shower i must used the cleanser with formula for dermatologists as a gentle, i have a favorite cleanser made from Canada, this cleanser is completely non alkaline, non-comedo-genic and fragrance free, non irritation cleanser even for the most sensitive skin.
After i used it feel my skin softens as it cleanses, help the skin retain needed moisture, also excellent cleanser for the delicate skin of baby, last time before i got this cleanser i almost change every soap i used because my skin feel so dry, and sometimes can feel itching, now I'm not worry again after i find this cleanser but in my country i seldom see the store who sell this product, only one or two store i know there have, so if i have been the other country and saw this cleanser i must buy it for my stock at home.


Restaurant at The New Mall

Last week end i went to the new Mall, i like go to the new place if i know, this place i knew from my nephew, i asked him where the place and the way go to there, so i asked my mom go with me, of course my mom agree, because she like go to the Mall too, arrived there i just know this Mall is beside the Hotel, five star hotel, this mall is so big with many brand store at there, if we don't have enough money, we don't need to expect to buy the thing at there, i thought the store at there only for rich people, he..he...
I took the picture , that is restaurant at there, but build like a ship, very unique, actually i want try the food in there, but there are the western food and my mom doesn't like it, so i find the other Chinese restaurant.



To day is public holiday, i have promise with my mom and my sister's go out take lunch together, i remember the famous restaurant that i didn't go to there for a long time, so ask them go to there, i like they food, actually is local food but i like it, and i want my family try it too, so this afternoon i drive my sister car go to this restaurant, i forget to said that this restaurant is in a mall, so i must go to this mall if i want eat at there, do you know what happened after i drive one hour to the mall? i can't find the place to park, can you imagine? this mall is so big but to much people at there too, when i ask the security where i can park my car? he suggest me to park the other building, i think it's not a good idea, because we must cross the way to back to this mall, at last i must find the other restaurant, after ate all my family like the food too, so now i have one more favorite restaurant with the good dessert.
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