My Journey ( end )

In the last post of my traveling in China, I start from the Big place at can see in my picture, this is the Praying Hall, have three hall, the first and the second building seems same, in that period the King prayed or celebrate at there.

we only can took picture from out site

But now, out site of this Hall, I mean around that place we can see many people playing at there, not only young people, but the old man and women too, they do some exercise, like Thai-chi, music, singing or playing ball, I think it is the traditional playing, I don't know what it's call in English. Some friends of us join them to play even only a moment but we can see how happy they are.

We pass half day at Praying Hall and walk around there, after ate lunch we went to the Mall, the guide said this is the luxurious mall at Beijing, I think so when I was in there, but the things are so expensive, we only walk around and took some picture :)

After many days join travel in Beijing, I realized mostly the place that we have gone was the place whenever the king have been there, live, prayed, did the activity in that time, so we can know how the king life.
My mom, my sister and me really enjoy in this trips, even we felt tired, because we must week up early morning and back hotel at night, but it's travel :)


My Journey ( 4 )

The third day in Beijing, our schedule is went to Summer Place, this is the nice place when the summer comes, and the King was be there in that moment, so I think the King was be there only once in a year. When we arrived there was raining, so I must buy an umbrella, actually, we had it but only one, for my mom and my sister.
Summer Place is a big place too, the guide said we entry in south gate and we will walked to the north gate to exit. As long as we walk I can't stop ma eyes to the view around this place, I feel comfortable and peaceful, we can see the lake beside the building, and I took the picture at there.

At noon we visited the factory of jade, so many kind of jade at there, and colorful, at there they teach us how to see the best of jade, after I walk around at their shop at last I bought two bracelets of red jade, one for my sister.
After we ate lunch, the bus took us to The Great wall, who doesn't know this? I think every one ever hear about Great wall even their have not been there. Arrived at there I can feel the weather was cooler, and the raining have not stop yet, I worry about my mom, how can she walk systematically to the top of Great wall? Actually my mom have been there ( Great wall ) before, but she never climb or go higher up, but this time we were lucky when the guide said we didn't need walk but we can go up by cable car, at last my mom can stand in the Greatwall.

I took many pictures at there, this is a great moment in the Great wall.


My Journey ( 3 )

Beijing, capital city of China, when we arrived there at evening, because we got the evening flight with China airlines, the guide of tour was waiting for us, he was a young guy, and he introduce him self in the bus who take us to hotel. The hotel is not big, only three star hotel, but I think its ok, because every day we went out only back at night to sleep.
The second day after breakfast at hotel we went to Tian An Men, Memorial of Mau Tze Tong, Forbidden city, the three place are near each other, but the area are so big, the guide only took us to the important place. Actually I did not knew what the guide said, because he speak in Chinese language but with local accent, so I just took some picture and then I asked my mom what did he said :)

Saw the place wherever the king was lived was so big, if we want walk around and see each place of there maybe we need two week and of course, we must be tired he..he... The guide told us that the area Forbidden City as big as the Kowloon city at Hongkong, could you imagine. Only one places, how about the other place, it means the King was very rich in that time.

So many people at there, as you see in my picture, there were domestic and international tourists like us. After visited these three places, it was evening, the last schedule of that day was watch the Flying Acrobatic Show, and this is the famous show in Beijing.

When the show begin we can't used the camera, this picture I took before show.


My Journey ( 2 )

I like Hongkong city, the city who never sleep, every time we go out still have many people at there, but not for me, every day went out made me feel tired, back hotel at night, and slept early. I like shopping at Hongkong, especially the brand of Esprit, they have sale up 50%, can you imagine? My sister and I bought many T-shirt, I like wear T-shirt in my country, because the weather is always hot.
Not only at Hongkong, Guangzhou too the place for everyone who like shopping, in here the price are cheaper than Hongkong, not only me but my mom too, seems like excited when she accompany us to shopping, she give many new item for us. So many people at there, see at my picture (even I know it's not a nice picture:))

When we were at Guangzhou, we have join the tour to Beijing, but the schedule at 3rd of October, so we still have many days in Guangzhou. we planed join the other tour but only one or two night, we went to other city but still near from Guangzhou, it is Shenzhen, I have been there five years ago, it is a nice city too, many people talk a nice city for man, he..he.., I don't know but when I saw the girls and night live at there, I think so.
We back in Guangzhou at night, we stay at that hotel again, Dou Bau Hotel, not in down town but easy go to anywhere, because near to the subway or bus terminal. My mom likes this hotel, she said the room is so big, deferent with usual, and near the market, so if my mom want eat something, easy to bought it. I think its ok for the room rate, not expensive.
The day after, we pack our luggage's, not all we took to Beijing, only five day we been there, and I have imagine how wonderful place at Beijing.


My Journey ( 1 )

Two weeks more I have not write in here, I have traveling with my mom and my sister, we gone to China, first from here we flight to Hongkong, I have aunty at there, we met them and eat dinner together, took some pictures. We stay in Hotel because my auntie’s home is small, but I think mostly people in Hongkong only have a small house, except they are rich people.

At night, we walked to Cim Sa Cui and took this picture, not to good but for memory, it's ok :)

Three night we stay in Hongkong, after that we went to Guangzhou, actually we want join the tour to Beijing at there but we don't get the match day, so we decided to find it in Guangzhou.
Guangzhou is a big city, we stay in Tuo Bau Hotel, only three star hotel, but the room is bigger than the hotel in Hong Kong. Every thing we can find in here, talk about that I remember, the hotel that we stay is near from traditional market, we always pas at there, and I saw they sell the Crocodile, I was surprised, because in my country we never find this animal sell at market, I took the picture too.

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