Scottsdale Ranch Homes for Sale

Every one have a dream, me too as a women, i always dream some day i will have a nice house, because i think a part time of our life we spend at home, as a worker or housewife, we want stay in the nice house make we feel comfortable, if could be, i want have the wonderful view too, so we can go out around our home and enjoy the view, i think it's really nice.
Because all of that I love see the nice house in my Internet, i can spend many hours to find it and some time's i will copy the nice house picture in side, now i see the site of Real Estate that located in Scottsdale from the Holm Group, I'm interest when i saw that picture and read this : Scottsdale Ranch Homes for Sale.
This site talk about buying or selling a home in Scottsdale Ranch, and the Holm Group will assist us, they have been a member from of the Scottsdale Ranch community since 2005, whether it's a luxury home, waterfront property, single family home or town home you can rely on them to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. so how do you think about this place? for my personal it's the really nice place that i always dream :)


I like read poem, even some time's I'm not really understand it, he..he..., but I know this is the good meaning, like this :

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Life is a beauty, admire it.

Life is a dream, realize it.

Life is a challenge, meet it.

Life is a duty, complete it.

Life is a game, play it.

Life is a promise, fulfill it.

Life is sorrow, overcome it.

Life is a song, sing it.

Life is a struggle, accept it.

Life is a tragedy, confront it.

Life is an adventure, dare it.

Life is luck, make it.

Life is life, fight for it!”

Thats life, hard things are put in our way,

not to stop us,

but to call out our courage and strength.


Need Diet ?

After i saw this picture i think i will start to diet now, I don't know that Diet is important to others people? but when i look at his face, he is fine and look's like more spirit, but when i look down to his body especially in his stomach, i can't say any thing, just say to my self and hope i can't be like that.
Actually what ever our body look like most important is our healthy, this is only my opinion, i don't know how other people?

Car Insurance Quotes

Last month my sister bought a new car for her self, actually she has many cars already, but now she want give to her son who was came back from other country after finish his study, when i saw the brand of her new car, I know it must expensive, and she will think to protect it, of course with the best Insurance.
To learn more about Insurance I think I just find the best Car Insurance Quotes, after visited their site and we can get tips, read many article, get definitions and descriptions of different types of protection, don't worry, our information is secure and we can get quotes as a driver's license or not, we don't need obligations to buy auto insurance online, however we can choose the low cost policy to receive instant proof.
This is the best site, i can learn many things from here, like where i can compare auto insurance rate? or does auto insurance depend on our car or not? and I know what do I need to have in Insurance, in here very easy, all we can get it by online, they also can help us quickly and easily to make a car insurance comparison from a variety of companies, this is an easy way to find cheap price for coverage what we need. Most people don't realize the true value of an auto insurance policy until they are involved in a loss, Be aware that whatever our policy does not cover, we must pay at our own expense, so that why I should tell my sister about this auto insurance, and i think she will agree with me to get this car insurance to protect her new car.


My Friend's Job

I have a friend who introduce him self to me, actually i ever know him several month ago, and i think he is a nice guy :) also have a great job, why i said great? because i think his job is unusual, i mean not much people can do this job, i don't know much about his job, maybe this is only my opinion, he only say like that :
"Now I'm working for Schlumberger Indonesia, My base is Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia, I was assigned at very first time as Field Service Specialist, since July 2006, I was assigned as Electrical Services Supervisor, As field personal who works at field and dealing with high voltage, of course my environments of work are dangerous, You can imagine in the Army life, We are first line fighters, with the lowest rank of grade, at last he said a joke and made me laugh :"So.. people like me .. is very happy and feels being blessed can meet beautiful lady like you...


Talk about Design, creative and picture, how do you think if you see this picture? what comment will you say ? If me i will say : who ever did this, he / she is a great creative person.

Kentucky Website Design

I work in Offset Printing company, every day see many kind of printing, like packaging, label etc, and i can know how to make the good quality of that thing, beside the printing that things must support by the good design, so design is most important to make every thing becomes the best image, I think not only in printing but in every thing we will product.
I have saw the best website design, there is Kentucky website design related services including Search Engine Optimization, Application Development, and Internet Marketing are ultimately extensions of their primary service, Specific web design technologies used include MySQL, PHP, Linux, Apache, Flash, XML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and DHTML, great is it?
After i read and saw their design I'm so interested, this site is very much function with my job, they have Informational websites that created in order to provide a customized and branded resource for potential and active customers, members, investors, and so forth, also they will work diligently to present the best possible face to us, so if some body have an existing website or not, can give them a call and let one of their account managers provide us with a no-cost proposal.


Freshness of Egg

Do you like eat egg? I think mostly people like, me too, Egg have much protein in side and can make us healthy if we eat one in a day, but I ever hear that we can't eat much eggs every day, we can get cholesterol :)
Some time's we don't know how do we know the egg that we have bought still fresh or not? my friend have sent me an email how to check the freshness eggs? like this :
Put the egg in water,
~If it becomes horizontal, it's still fresh,
~If becomes slanting it mean 3 - 4 days old,
~If becomes vertical, it's 10 days old,
~If it floats it mean stale.
Simple and easy is it? so we can check it by our self before we cook it.


Travel to France

I have a friend from the same home town with me, but now he move to Singapore and get a job at there, i thought he's life is better now, maybe he has a good job than last time he was in home town, I felt happy too when he told me last week, we talk a lot of things, at last we talk about travel, he know i like travelling, and I have plan go to France in the end of the year, I know the site that i can search every thing about France like France photos and we can find Hotel Paris, from this site I will know why I travel to France.
I think not only me interest travel to France but my friend who hear my story seem's like want go with me too :)

Fashion Phone

Today I just see a fashion phone, like a mobile phone but this is very fashionable, I got it from my email, this is from Siemens, names : Benq Siemens "Snaked"
Benq designers thought of women too and presented snaked, this is reptile looking phone, creepy somehow, but still is very cool.
The snaked is a fashion phone for sport living women, it also has body monitoring sensors to help the ladies keep those fine shapes.
Interest is it?

Wolverine Boots

As a normal person every day we must walk, even only a few minute or we will walk all day, it depend to our activity, like me as a women always walk in my factory, not only in workday but in week end I usually past my time at Mall walk around and see around, shopping, so for me shoes is most important to me, we must use the right shoes when we do the activity, example when we want go to party we must use the party shoes, or when we want to go fitness centre we will use the sport shoes.
In this week end my friend as me join them go to climbing the mountain near in my city, I think I will join them because i have been a long time not do this activity, this is the good exercise and good for our healthy too, talk about climbing I should have a shoes for this moment, not only for performance but it must can bending our foot in a necessity situation such as climbing a ladder of kneeling to pick something up, like I see in Wolverine Boots, if you are looking for something comfortable and high performance, you can found it at there.


Amazing Icebergs

Every time i have received emails and saw many amazing picture at there, some time's i feel in the world still have much things that so amazing and i have not know about that, like this email : ~Amazing Icebergs~
Icebergs in the Antarctic area sometimes have stripes, formed by layers of snow that react to different conditions.
Blue stripes are often created when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with melt water and freezes so quickly that no bubbles form.
When an iceberg falls into the sea, a layer of salty seawater can freeze to the underside.
If this is rich in algae, it can form a green stripe.
Brown, black and yellow lines are caused by sediment, picked up when the ice sheet grinds downhill towards the sea.

Antarctica Frozen Wave Pixes - Nature is amazing! The water froze the instant the wave broke through the ice. That's what it is like in Antarctica where it is the coldest weather in decades. Water freezes the instant it comes in contact with the air. The temperature of the water is already some degrees below freezing. Just look at how the wave


Public Records

As a human i think social life is important, i can't live alone i mean every one need some body help or we need friends to share, example like a company, they must have people who work for them, who can help them to do some job, if we only alone, usually we can build a big company or a big business, like people always said we just have two hand, how many work we can do only with our hand? so we should have other people to help us, is it right?
But some time we are difficult to find people who can we trust, this is important for our own business or our company, and now i have a great site who can help us to Research Public Record, with this site research some one's background are more easy, we can access various things such as background checks, criminal records, court records, people search and other,they build a website for people that are in need of this type of stuff, but at the same time we can know much educational information through out this website.
This is very useful site, can help us to find the people who will help me and give us an idea of who they really are, of course that people must be a trust man or women, after we check in this site at least we have not worry to use this people to help us to do some important job.

A Panda Grow up

Ever see a panda grow? this is so awesome!!!.. .and adorable!!!

Car Insurance

Live in the big city will be better if we have our own car, like me as a marketing in my company, mostly every day i will go out side to meet some customer, or go to their factory, but i like my job, i have been a long time work in here, my company is offset printing, for me and my job car is important, it will be a transportation every day to do our job, and the most important is i must have Car Insurance , for my safety.
To day i have saw the best insurance with the cheaper price, very interest, Cheap Car Insurance For Women, i think this is good for me, and we can get it with online car Insurance Quotes For Women, instead of talking directly with an insurance agent that may put intense pressure on us to buy a policy, we can review the information on our own, this site also have Car Insurance For Women Driver Only, in other country this Insurance has become quite popular, because they believe that the statistics show adult women experience fewer accidents and file less auto insurance claims, while men the same age are involved in more vehicle accidents.
I will suggest this site in my company, they should agree with me, as a company, they should choice the best insurance for their worker and staff like us, protect us same like protect their company too, so they will use the best insurance to protect us, how about your company?


Nice Place

I was a long time not went to travel, maybe i don't have time, last few days feel so boring with my activity every day, morning go to work and back at evening, i can only went to the mall or saw some movie at cinema.
Yesterday was Sunday, I only stay at home because i was sick, so i saw my album photo again, and i saw this photo reminder me go to this place again, this is the nice place with the good view and the weather, most important is not to far from my home, so even in week end only one or two days i can go to there or stay one night at there, hhmmmm.... it will be so nice.


View in the city

I just see photo's in my mobile, so much photo's at there, i like take photo when i was at out side and saw some interested things, like this photo i took when i was in a room at four star hotel, when at night from the window i saw the road seem like traffic jam, actually i always saw this situation, because i live in big city so if traffic jam is not a new problem with us.
But when i saw the photo i tell my self even in traffic jam this photo look nice too ;)
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