Travel Season

I have said in my last post that I have long holiday, tomorrow is the last day we work at this year, we start holiday from this Christmas, and back to work at the first week of 2009, so around 10 days.
Talk about holiday for me it mean time to traveling, I just read at my favorite site, every season is travel season, very suitable with me. As a traveler, do you know what the important thing we should have? Besides passport and money of course, Luggage is the other important thing, I must have the simple one, and usually I just carry on.
I Travel often, several times in a year, so I use the luggage with maximum durability, for commuters, I want luggage that is well organized and easy to access with specific gadget compartments and pockets. I also remember to get something lightweight. Therefore, I can suggest if you are the traveler like me, you should have the Luggage at here.

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iya nih lagi jatuh cinta ma blog-qu hehehehe :-)

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