Retirement Living

Last Saturday our school have reunion, this is grand reunion, not only same grade but who ever learn at this school every one may come and the teacher too. This is the third time; we celebrate this grand reunion every 5 years. Last time at 2005, I have been there too, met with old friends, talk about our memory when in high school, this is very excited time. At this time I saw some friends was changes become older, saw our teacher I feel pity because they already retired and seems like no spirit and no efficiency, so I only think in my mind, some day if I was retired already I wish I am not became like that.

Actually in here I want share about retired, every one become retired, after we work by tens year, we should be retired, for my personal thinking, I want retired as soon as possible, not because my age, but because my financial have support. I always dream if I already retired, I want live in the nice place, have friends around me, and have activity that will make me healthy. Every people like that life in our future, but do you know how we can get it? I just read Retirement site, the gateway to resources for senior living, maybe I feel I’m senior now so I am very interest, I should know how I will planning my retirement living.

This is useful site, retirement living information centre, we can join the communities, just sign up and we can get many friends in here. Every one retired wants live at the nice place, in here we can find the best retirement destination, when we think about job, they have job for senior. We also can find bookstore, market place, home care, publication online, what else we want. Just find it in this site. That's why I said this is useful site. We should realize that every people became older, and we want the better life, not only depend to our children, they have their life too, so we should planning and prepare it from now.

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