Amazing Plant

Beautiful Sunday, with my friends from monastery, we went to the garden, this garden belong to our Monk, he is from Thailand, but he was here around ten years ago, so he can speak Indonesian. If we have time at sunday after we hear Dharma from him, we will go to his Garden. This place is not far from the town, there is so quiet, I like that situation, we can relax and get the sauna at there. This sauna who made by our monk, with spices and seasoning make our skin healthy, he said also can curative many kind of ilness, all of that we can get it free. I like look around at there, many specied of plant, like this one, you can see at this picture.

Do you know what kind of this plant?
Is this the kind of fruit?

Ever seen before?
share with me in here.

2 komentar:

regie mengatakan...

Is it a plant? It looks like a toy, or a twitter icon. :p

tony_lin mengatakan...

benaran tu mbak? jgn2 mainan tu..kyknya plastik
mang buah apa tu

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