Many people will enter and leave your life
      but only real friends will leave a mark on your

       To deal with yourself, use your head,
       to deal with others, use the heart,
       anger is the only dangerous word.

     If somebody betrayed you once, its their fault;
     If somebody betrayed you twice, its your fault.

       Loosing money, is loosing a lot,
       Loosing a friend, is loosing more.
       Loosing faith, is loosing everything.

    Beautiful young people are a accident of nature:
      Beautiful old people are works of art.

      also learn with the mistakes of others,
      you don't live sufficient time to commit
          all the mistakes.

         Friends you and me...
        You brought another friend...
          Now we are three...
          We start a group...

         Our circle of freinds...
          is like a circle,
       that has no beginning or end...

         Yesterday is a story:
         Tomorrow a mystery,
        Today something special,

ﻼ♥ﻼ ♥ﻼ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۣۜۜۜ ۣۜ ۣۣۜۜۜ ۣۜ ﻼჱﻼ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜﻼ♥ﻼ ♥ﻼۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۣۜۜﻼ ჱﻼ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ﻼ♥ﻼ ♥ﻼ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۜ ۣۣۜۜۜ ۣۜ ۣۣۜۜۜﻼჱﻼ

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Mel Avila Alarilla mengatakan...

Beautiful poetry, simple yet so profound. You have been enriched by countless lessons in life. Thanks and God bless.

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