To day is public holiday, i have promise with my mom and my sister's go out take lunch together, i remember the famous restaurant that i didn't go to there for a long time, so ask them go to there, i like they food, actually is local food but i like it, and i want my family try it too, so this afternoon i drive my sister car go to this restaurant, i forget to said that this restaurant is in a mall, so i must go to this mall if i want eat at there, do you know what happened after i drive one hour to the mall? i can't find the place to park, can you imagine? this mall is so big but to much people at there too, when i ask the security where i can park my car? he suggest me to park the other building, i think it's not a good idea, because we must cross the way to back to this mall, at last i must find the other restaurant, after ate all my family like the food too, so now i have one more favorite restaurant with the good dessert.

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Nick Phillips mengatakan...

Yeah, I think malls just don't build enough parking spaces. It happens here too.

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