My Birthday

Last Saturday was my birthday, i was so happy, many friends sent me messages by email or in my mobile, many of them direct phone me, and i have a friend from other country come here only celebrated my birthday, i was praised and appreciated him, actually he is my close friend too, i met him around 8 years ago when i had been travelling to his country :)
In my birthday i wish i could do better thing to my self and other people, maybe it's only a simple wish but it's not easy to do, i realized and i will try do do the best in my life.
Talk about party birthday i didn't done, i got lunch together in office with my colleague around 60 person, but only a simple meal, at night i went to dinner with some close friends, most important i really felt happiness in my birthday, thank's to every one who sent me or phone me or only see my blog now, hope all of you get the happiness too.

2 komentar:

nhc1987 mengatakan...

Best wishes for you :)

Nick Phillips mengatakan...

A little late, but a belated happy birthday to you ...

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