My Friend's Job

I have a friend who introduce him self to me, actually i ever know him several month ago, and i think he is a nice guy :) also have a great job, why i said great? because i think his job is unusual, i mean not much people can do this job, i don't know much about his job, maybe this is only my opinion, he only say like that :
"Now I'm working for Schlumberger Indonesia, My base is Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia, I was assigned at very first time as Field Service Specialist, since July 2006, I was assigned as Electrical Services Supervisor, As field personal who works at field and dealing with high voltage, of course my environments of work are dangerous, You can imagine in the Army life, We are first line fighters, with the lowest rank of grade, at last he said a joke and made me laugh :"So.. people like me .. is very happy and feels being blessed can meet beautiful lady like you...

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