Need Diet ?

After i saw this picture i think i will start to diet now, I don't know that Diet is important to others people? but when i look at his face, he is fine and look's like more spirit, but when i look down to his body especially in his stomach, i can't say any thing, just say to my self and hope i can't be like that.
Actually what ever our body look like most important is our healthy, this is only my opinion, i don't know how other people?

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Natalie Galitzine mengatakan...

In fact, the man on the picture does look like a nice person. But I am afraid that having excessive weight could limit the pleasures of life one can enjoy. Imagine for instance running through a field full of beautiful flowers on a sunny summer day, feeling the wind on your face... Wouldn't it be wonderful? To me it would. So keeping our body fit is most important for our own lives, - to be able to enjoy them as much as we wish.

Good reminder: I should go running! ;o)

I like your blog :o)



CASSIOPEIA mengatakan...

LOL poor man. I think the important stuff will be to eat properly in moderation, and have active lifestyle. Simple work out doesn't hurt also.

Anything too much is never good, isn't it? taking too much, or cutting too low..

Ms. Orange mengatakan...

I think the man may have some kind of sickness, thyroid problem maybe?

Yes I agree too, whatever our body looks like, most important is our health. :)

Jaccstev mengatakan...

What a big belly, so big he couldn't hold it anymore and walking. You have so many unique posts.

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