When I see this picture, I talk to my self and hope I can't be like that, but when I see her face and seems she is confidence to her self, like nothing wrong with her body, so I think again about my opinion, maybe I'm wrong, we can be judgment from some thing, every one have their own opinion.
Last day I hear from my friend who ever go to Africa, he said at there every man like the fat women, at there fat women's are more interested, and I do not know it is true or not, but maybe ;)
At last I think more important is we must confidence to our self, what ever we are, we must happy from what ever we have, is it right?

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Cecep SWP mengatakan...

Waduh...gede amat tuh, untung saya ngga' segede itu hehehehe...

Salam kenal n' keep posting :)

jaccstev mengatakan...

That's truly right... Confidence is one of the key to become a success person.

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