Security is very important not only for the big company, but for our living home. I just see the Shumway Security site, at there we can hire Phoenix police officer, and I think this site is very useful. In this week I find much security company for my sister, do you know why, because she is home, have attack by the theft.
Its happened last week in the afternoon, around lunch time, my sister has a big house and no body stay, usually only the maid stay at home, the other person who live at there was go to office. in that time the maid went to her office to give their lunch, only between one hour before the maid went and back to the house, the theft have gone away after took every things in my sister house, like Television, Laptop and other, include the jewelry,
Of course my sister was shock, me too. After happened theft, the police have coming check the house, but until now, we do not have any news from them. Therefore, I suggest my sister, from now she must hire the security for stay at home.

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