The Best Beach in India

Beach, is the romantic place for me, I like be there when the sunset time, I can see the sky, maybe I have some sweet memory at there ;)
I have some picture about Beach in India, it's really nice and amazing.

Radha Nagar Beach

At the mouth of the Malpe river, about 6 km from Udupi in Karnataka is the natural harbour of malpe, an important fishing centre that enriches Karnataka coastline with is fabulous beach

Agatti Island, Lakshadweep

Ishikonda, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh has approximately 1000 km. of coastline with eight of its 23 districts having direct access to the sea with water caressing golden sands. Rishikonda near Vishakhapatnam is one of them.
Just 8-km from Vishakhapatnam is the Rishikonda Beach, a golden, unspoilt beach, washed by the sun-warmed sea.It is ideal for swimmers, water skiers, and wind surfers.

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Rajagopalan mengatakan...

nice picture of Indian oceans and nature abodes. Cheers! keep it up!

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