Best View Hotels

I always thinking, my life will be meaningful if I could go around the world, to every country, see every kind of people, how they life, see how beautiful view at out side and of course in my country too, I can learn many things from there, get more knowledge but we get fun too, really nice is it?
In my last post, I talk about the beautiful Beach, and now I see my favorite site about hotel in Australia, I love this site because from here I can get best Hotel with the cheaper price, and we can pay on arrival or lowest rates guaranteed. Like the picture beside my blog, we can find it at Coffs Harbour Hotels, nice place and near the beach, if we like the bay view we can get it in Byron Bay Hotels or Port-Macquarie Hotels.
I have been Australia 5 years ago, when my nephews study at Melbourne, I also gone to Horbour Bridge and other famous place, I got many picture at there, sometimes I saw the picture and miss to back again at there, sweet memory :)

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