My Journey ( 4 )

The third day in Beijing, our schedule is went to Summer Place, this is the nice place when the summer comes, and the King was be there in that moment, so I think the King was be there only once in a year. When we arrived there was raining, so I must buy an umbrella, actually, we had it but only one, for my mom and my sister.
Summer Place is a big place too, the guide said we entry in south gate and we will walked to the north gate to exit. As long as we walk I can't stop ma eyes to the view around this place, I feel comfortable and peaceful, we can see the lake beside the building, and I took the picture at there.

At noon we visited the factory of jade, so many kind of jade at there, and colorful, at there they teach us how to see the best of jade, after I walk around at their shop at last I bought two bracelets of red jade, one for my sister.
After we ate lunch, the bus took us to The Great wall, who doesn't know this? I think every one ever hear about Great wall even their have not been there. Arrived at there I can feel the weather was cooler, and the raining have not stop yet, I worry about my mom, how can she walk systematically to the top of Great wall? Actually my mom have been there ( Great wall ) before, but she never climb or go higher up, but this time we were lucky when the guide said we didn't need walk but we can go up by cable car, at last my mom can stand in the Greatwall.

I took many pictures at there, this is a great moment in the Great wall.

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Weird and Funny mengatakan...

Nice pictures and nice place

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