My Journey ( 2 )

I like Hongkong city, the city who never sleep, every time we go out still have many people at there, but not for me, every day went out made me feel tired, back hotel at night, and slept early. I like shopping at Hongkong, especially the brand of Esprit, they have sale up 50%, can you imagine? My sister and I bought many T-shirt, I like wear T-shirt in my country, because the weather is always hot.
Not only at Hongkong, Guangzhou too the place for everyone who like shopping, in here the price are cheaper than Hongkong, not only me but my mom too, seems like excited when she accompany us to shopping, she give many new item for us. So many people at there, see at my picture (even I know it's not a nice picture:))

When we were at Guangzhou, we have join the tour to Beijing, but the schedule at 3rd of October, so we still have many days in Guangzhou. we planed join the other tour but only one or two night, we went to other city but still near from Guangzhou, it is Shenzhen, I have been there five years ago, it is a nice city too, many people talk a nice city for man, he..he.., I don't know but when I saw the girls and night live at there, I think so.
We back in Guangzhou at night, we stay at that hotel again, Dou Bau Hotel, not in down town but easy go to anywhere, because near to the subway or bus terminal. My mom likes this hotel, she said the room is so big, deferent with usual, and near the market, so if my mom want eat something, easy to bought it. I think its ok for the room rate, not expensive.
The day after, we pack our luggage's, not all we took to Beijing, only five day we been there, and I have imagine how wonderful place at Beijing.

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Buddha mengatakan...

I live in Hollywood and we have lots of Thai restaurants here. I love Thai food! One of my dreams is to visit Thailand and some of its magnificent buddhist temples.

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