My Journey ( end )

In the last post of my traveling in China, I start from the Big place at can see in my picture, this is the Praying Hall, have three hall, the first and the second building seems same, in that period the King prayed or celebrate at there.

we only can took picture from out site

But now, out site of this Hall, I mean around that place we can see many people playing at there, not only young people, but the old man and women too, they do some exercise, like Thai-chi, music, singing or playing ball, I think it is the traditional playing, I don't know what it's call in English. Some friends of us join them to play even only a moment but we can see how happy they are.

We pass half day at Praying Hall and walk around there, after ate lunch we went to the Mall, the guide said this is the luxurious mall at Beijing, I think so when I was in there, but the things are so expensive, we only walk around and took some picture :)

After many days join travel in Beijing, I realized mostly the place that we have gone was the place whenever the king have been there, live, prayed, did the activity in that time, so we can know how the king life.
My mom, my sister and me really enjoy in this trips, even we felt tired, because we must week up early morning and back hotel at night, but it's travel :)

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Don mengatakan...

That's one of Chinese tranditional buildings.It is so great be build by the Eight Diagrams in Chinese mythology.
I think you had a very nice trip.

balidream mengatakan...

I am always wanting to travel more although I am not sure when I can do that...

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy new years 2009


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