My Journey ( 3 )

Beijing, capital city of China, when we arrived there at evening, because we got the evening flight with China airlines, the guide of tour was waiting for us, he was a young guy, and he introduce him self in the bus who take us to hotel. The hotel is not big, only three star hotel, but I think its ok, because every day we went out only back at night to sleep.
The second day after breakfast at hotel we went to Tian An Men, Memorial of Mau Tze Tong, Forbidden city, the three place are near each other, but the area are so big, the guide only took us to the important place. Actually I did not knew what the guide said, because he speak in Chinese language but with local accent, so I just took some picture and then I asked my mom what did he said :)

Saw the place wherever the king was lived was so big, if we want walk around and see each place of there maybe we need two week and of course, we must be tired he..he... The guide told us that the area Forbidden City as big as the Kowloon city at Hongkong, could you imagine. Only one places, how about the other place, it means the King was very rich in that time.

So many people at there, as you see in my picture, there were domestic and international tourists like us. After visited these three places, it was evening, the last schedule of that day was watch the Flying Acrobatic Show, and this is the famous show in Beijing.

When the show begin we can't used the camera, this picture I took before show.

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