This morning when I switch on my laptop, I got off line message : My blog with page rank 2 now is 0, just some words but make me sad, I know how he feel now, because I have felt like that when my blog was drop last year. Sometimes this feeling make us cast down, lazy to make a new post, in this time we need some body support us, give us motivations.
But I don't know how to tell to him, I just say : Be patient, be a blogger like that, sometime our page rank can drop, but if you make post with good content, it will be up again (even I'm not sure).
I remember last two month ago I told him to get paid blog in some advertiser, I saw he was happy when he got many paid blogs and now I don't he will get it or not, but the most important that he has spirit to make more post, I wish.

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amboupe (olenx) mengatakan...

Waooo...you have useful posting here for new blogger like me, thanks for sharing your experience. What make your blog drop last year anyway??

Harry Seenthings mengatakan...

nice blog and good information in here, im here for u, sister

Fika mengatakan...

Nice post

handoko wong mengatakan...

It is very interesting..
but unfortunately I just can read someone's blog since I'm very new in this kind of blog even to add a comment i am very new also.

Can you please me teach how to make a blog? I just register my self abut i do not know how to create a story nor drop a picture.


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