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Just chatting with my blogger friend who live different country with me, we like talk about how to be a good blogger, how we can make a good post, we support each other, I like this friendship. Today he ask me about Insurance, maybe he saw my blog that I talk about Insurance. He told me like that, so many Insurance now, not only from my country, everywhere we can find it, I said, yes it's really, so he ask" how can we know which one is the best? because he want find the best for his new car, even he has not a best car :)
Actually I don't have so much Insurance knowledge, I only read in their website, I learn from there, but I need to answer his question and I think I should give him my opinion, suggestion as a good friend.
Before all of that I said it is my suggestion, you must learn it by your self, I have a site about The Easiest Way to Find Cheap Car Insurance Rates. This is online Auto Insurance, they provide easier solution, only complete one set of questions, an instant rate comparison can be made from a variety of quality insuring companies with recognizable brands.
Not only that, we must clear about what we want and make a choice on important factors such as a low price, however, there are also important factors to consider such as coverage.
I think it's enough to explain, he is a smart guy, so he will know this is the really best site after he learn it, before I close my chatting room I reminder him to read the tips for Cheaper Auto Insurance Rates, there have the different discounts provided by the various insurance companies and thus ensure cheaper rates.
Now I think do I be a good friend? I hope so.

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