Dog-Size Deer Rediscovered in Sumatera

I always said we must proud be Indonesian people, last month I have posted Long-Lost Primate Rediscovered in Indonesia, today I have the other Rediscovered, this is from Sumatera Island.
In October last year a tiny dog-sized deer was catapulted in to the limelight, when anti-poaching conservationists released a photograph of the animal caught in a trap in Sumatera. The Sumateran Muntjac had not been photographed since 1930 so had almost completely been forgotten about by science. The mountain-dwelling deer is now on the global Red List of Threatened Species, so doubtful it will be neglected again.
Amazing is it? Ever see this animal?

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FATAMORGANA mengatakan...

nice to know you

makatitech mengatakan...

looks like the deer from mindoro island in the philippines =)

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