Time of My Life

I don't know I must happy because I have time to relax at home or I have to stay at home, this is the second day I was at home, from yesterday in my town was flood because raining all day, actually not in my place, but the way to my office was flood, it must difficult to pass by, my friends told me they got jam many hours at the way to office, so I decided to stay at home after I phone to my office, if they have a problem they can ask me.

Week up as I want, no need early like daily, eat breakfast while watching TV, read the magazine, Cosmopilitan, I like read this magazine, they always talk about the latest news, lifestyle, fashion. As a women I follower that news, style and beauty. I am reading The Best Red Carpet Beauty Looks with the stars absolutely kill it at the Golden Globes, our favorite hair and makeup looks of the night.

Angelina Jolie : a super-seductive look from Hollywood's sexiest leading lady.

Cameron Diaz : a stunning couture gown with slept-in, casual hair. The secret to this laid-back effect: When you curl your hair, start a few inches away from your roots and use a large iron.

Olivia Wilde : simple hairstyle drew even more attention to her stunning makeup. We particularly loved her subtle grayish-lavender smoky eyes. What sealed the deal was the touch of white highlighter in the inner corners, which really made her look luminous.

Eva Mendes
This sultry star loves wearing her hair in a bombshell updo. What makes this version of Eva's favorite style so sexy is a combination of the textured volume at the crown and her side-swept bangs

Still have many star but these are my favorite. Beauty and Sexy, I think every women like they style, but maybe not with their personal life.

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