Cleanser for Skin

I have sensitive skin, even only for shower i must used the cleanser with formula for dermatologists as a gentle, i have a favorite cleanser made from Canada, this cleanser is completely non alkaline, non-comedo-genic and fragrance free, non irritation cleanser even for the most sensitive skin.
After i used it feel my skin softens as it cleanses, help the skin retain needed moisture, also excellent cleanser for the delicate skin of baby, last time before i got this cleanser i almost change every soap i used because my skin feel so dry, and sometimes can feel itching, now I'm not worry again after i find this cleanser but in my country i seldom see the store who sell this product, only one or two store i know there have, so if i have been the other country and saw this cleanser i must buy it for my stock at home.

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