My Friend : Mariana

Tomorrow is Saturday again, it mean week end again, last Sunday i have accompany my friend to the mall, her name is Mariana, she have aerobic class at there, so i ask the other friend go with us, because i think when i wait Mariana aerobic, i have a friend accompany me too :)
That is a big mall with many famous brand at there, she walk around and feel hungry, so we want find some food, but when we look around there was not an usual food, mostly are Western food with the high price, i mean expensive, he..he.., i said to my friend, this is the good mall with the good food and the good price, because we are so hungry at last we eat some bread with coffee, my friend order tea with milk, but the toast bread is very Delicious match with the price.
When Mariana finish with her aerobic we go to the cinema, there have a good movie, we decided to watch it, so all day we were at this mall with many experience, and when we were on the way Mariana asked again : next week end go to the new club and hang out together, hhmmm i think i will go with her because for a long time i didn't went to clubing, and i don't realized tomorrow is week end, i mean tomorrow we will hang out together,I hope we will have a wonderful week end and get same Miracles at there, i wish....

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