Life is short, this word i always hear from my friends who are busy every day, if i meet them, they always talk about how to enjoy our life, because they said life is so short so we must use this short time to enjoy it, i think they have their right, I'm agree too but not all, if they always think their own self and never think or care to the other people, I'm not agree.
I have my own opinion about enjoy, it's alright if we want enjoy but we must do the right thing too, even until now i can't do much to help people, i only done what could i done, i realized that only a few things, but i really enjoy too whenever i help others, so for me enjoy is depend to our self how to practice it.

2 komentar:

Andrik McVean mengatakan...

enjoy life is one of the most important things...be happy don't worry

Suresh Kumar A mengatakan...

Enjoy your life with good and bad things happen to you. Consider Bad thing as good thing and work hard inorder to overcome it. opposite applies to true so

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