All day i felt tired, maybe last night i back at home too late, and only slept a few hours, like i said before i have promised with my friends went to clubbing, we want try the new club, but when arrived at there, the band is not good, maybe the music they play not match with us, and the people who came to there to slow, i mean they only sit in their place, not dance in the floor :)
We only one hour at there, after we decided move to the other club, this is our favorite club, with the western band, i like saw the guys who play the band, they look nice and smart and handsome, and mostly the guest who at there seems so energetic, all of them dance together, so we do, me and my friends, and we don't realized it was to late when we back, but we are excited, i think not only us, every body if been that club will be excited too, because there have many sexy dancers, he..he...

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