Beautiful La Jolla

This afternoon I feel so hungry, maybe in this morning I'm not eat breakfast because I want go to office early, last week in Tuesday and Friday I didn't went to office so I think I will more busy to day, and now I'm confused think about my lunch, I want eat some thing special, but I don't know what? At last, I just ask my friend to buy it in our favorite restaurant.
When I waiting them back with meal, I open my Internet and search some delicious meal, I found this interested restaurant in La Jolla, This is San Diego Italian Restaurant, fine dinning with a Mediterranean view. Imagine our self-sitting in a seaside trattoria in Naples, Italy enjoying the freshest of shellfish and seafood dishes made with ingredients right from the Mediterranean Sea. I see Tartufo Dessert, they served with orange marmalade, fresh berries and whipped cream, hhmmmm... make my stomach feel hungrier.
I do not know when I have chance go to there, maybe with my special friend but in my mind it is a very romantic place, we can enjoy the good taste while overlooking beautiful La Jolla cove, for now I just can dream and imagine it.

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