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In last Sunday I got a bad news from my hometown, about my auntie died in that day; of course, I am so sad to hear this news. Actually, she has sick for along time, she has diabetes and every day she must injection insulin to her body. Ten years ago she has cancer in her Breast, after taken operation, she felt better, but last year when she get general check up and she know that she get another cancer in her lever, because she have a weak body, the Doctor not suggest her to operation again.
After I saw all of this I realize the most important in our life is Healthy, even we are rich but useless is we are be a sick people, and we should learn every thing to know about aging in place. Like in El Paso homecare we can find practical tools and sensitive advice to care for other and our self, also they will find the best provider care for us. This is the best guide, they have quality of care and quality of life, I can learn more in this site, and I can read Hot Topics and other necessaries of life.

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