Harley Davidson

Last week end is a long week end, because Saturday, Sunday and Monday we got holiday, Yesterday is an Independence Day in my country, all of us as people in this country we celebrate it with some games, more of games only for fun, and I don't lost this moment too. I ask my friend went to saw that, some places are very jam if we by car, so I suggest we use motorcycle, we can see around without worry for jam, we can stop in many place, it is why I like motorcycle.
Talk about motorcycle, I like a motor like Harley Davidson, if I saw a man with that in my mind always think, it's a really man, maybe only my opinion, or maybe because I love Harley Davidson, he.. he.., but every one have their favorite things include me too.
I just see the Jacket, like in this picture, this is a women jacket, but interesting, I already have leather jacket but not as good as this Harley leather jackets, not only me, but mostly my friends like too, In this site we could find every thing about Harley Davidson.

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