Beverly Hills

When I attend my school reunion party last time, I saw many of my friends. It is so happy to meet them again. You can imagine some of us not met for 10 to 15 years. In addition, when we met it is so exciting.
We will talk very much, as women. Some of them talking to whom they married, how much kids they have, stay at where, working on which part, business on what and the hot topic is our performance. Yeah...talking about beauty and performance is our top hot topic. Like my friend Lisa. When we were at school, she is the most beautiful girl in our school. I still remember many boys like to make appointment to her, but now I saw she was change a lot.
However, some of them are opposite with Lisa. They became more beautiful and have a good performance. Therefore, as women I asked them what is their secret of beauty ha..ha.. I want to know and may be I can follow their secret. Some of them told me they have done a lot of beauty treatment like to have breast augmentation in Beverly Hills Wow... I see...they became very beauty and their body ....I see they changed better than she was a young girl. Therefore, this is nice news for me and I promised my self-try to search on this site too.

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