Best Digital Camera

As a person who like travel, i always prepare some thing for my trip, from under wear until cosmetic, maybe because I'm a women, so i always think about my performance, i know not all women like that, but mostly maybe, i saw some friends who travel together with me like that too, some moment we wear the nice cloth with sun glass or accessories for taken the photo's, we don't want lost our moment at there, but we want look beautiful too at that photo, he..he.., it's women style.
The first important thing that i must take in my trip is a Camera beside money of course, usually i choose the Best Digital Camera for travel with the small body so easy to take it to every where, also i need stabilized lens, making it a competent camera for low-light photography.
Best of all, especially for Travel it packs all of these features into a body that's half the size of the large, high-end ultra zoom cameras, and does it at half the cost, how do you think? interest is it? with this Camera is the dream come true for traveler like me.

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